Auditory Processing Disorders

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Auditory processing is used to describe how your brain interprets and recognizes sound. When this is disrupted, that means a disorder is present. (APD) Auditory processing disorder influences the ability of the brain to interpret or process auditory information correctly. After ruling out hearing loss or behavioral issues, an auditory evaluation can determine if a person has APD.

APD testing is not offered directly at our office, but we do know a wonderful audiologist who does APD testing. Making sure to rule out hearing loss is the first step. Testing can begin at the age of 8 years old.

Signs of APD:

Difficulty localizing sound
Difficulty understanding spoken language
Particularly when competing messages, noisy backgrounds, reverberant environments, or when presented rapidly
Taking longer to respond in oral communication situations
Frequent requests for repetitions
Saying “what” and “huh” frequently
Difficulty comprehending and following rapid speech
Difficulty paying attention
Difficulty following complex auditory directions or commands
Dr. Taylor, AuD, CCC-A Audiologist

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