One in six adults 18 and older has hearing loss. Here is a simple test to tell if you or someone you love might have hearing loss. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may need to have your hearing tested.

  • You frequently ask others to repeat themselves – If you find yourself saying “what?” all the time, or you need to be looking at someone to hear what they’re saying (by also reading their lips), your hearing might be fading.
  • You turn the TV to a volume others find loud – When you can’t have a conversation because your TV is too loud, it’s time to get a hearing test.
  • You have trouble understanding conversations in noisy places – This is one of the first challenges people with hearing loss encounter: tracking what someone else is saying in a noise-filled place like a restaurant.
  • You have difficulty hearing women and children’s voices – High-frequency hearing loss is very common — so it’s to be expected that women and children’s voices would be tough to hear.
  • You feel like others are mumbling – A classic complaint of people who have hearing loss is that others don’t speak clearly. If you find yourself thinking people are mumbling and hard to understand, that may be a symptom of hearing loss.
  • You have trouble hearing on the phone – If you have trouble occasionally, that is OK. If you constantly feel like you cannot hear on the phone, whether you’re using a landline or mobile phone, this may be a symptom of hearing loss.
  • You avoid social situations that were once enjoyable – People who can’t engage easily, feel left out of conversations, or who have bad experiences trying to hear in public spaces often decide it’s easier to decline invitations and stay at home. It doesn’t have to be this way.
  • You have ringing in your ears – Ringing in your ears is often thought to be a symptom of hearing loss or damage to the auditory system — and hearing loss and tinnitus very often go hand in hand.
  • You are told by others that you have hearing loss – If more than one friend or family member questions your hearing acuity — in seriousness or jest — guess what? They could be onto something.

Why do people ignore hearing loss? People who do treat their hearing loss often say, “why did I wait so long?” Here are four common reasons:

  • It’s unrecognized – “I don’t have hearing loss” they say, “you just mumble and talk too softly.”
  • It’s viewed as no big deal – Many people are unfamiliar with research linking hearing loss to falls, depression, social isolation and dementia.
  • It’s easy to compensate for – “I’ll just turn up the volume, ask others to repeat themselves, or avoid places where hearing is a problem.”
  • They think hearing aids are a pain – Maybe once upon a time, but today’s hearing aids are smart, sophisticated and designed to set-and-forget.

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