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Treating disorders

of the head and

neck such as:

Choosing the right care provider to help treat the delicate systems of the ears, nose, and throat is a vital decision for your family's healthcare. Especially since over 40 percent of doctor’s visits nationwide are due to a disorder of the head and neck.


ENT South offers comprehensive, responsible medical care and surgical treatment for disorders related to the ears, nose and throat. The compassionate team at ENT South has two goals: improving patients' lives and exceeding their expectations.


As a general Otolaryngology practice we see patients of all ages and are prepared to diagnose both  simple and complex problems, including head and neck cancers. Dr. F. Kent Nunnally and Dr. Ryan Gegg are fully trained in a variety of surgical procedures to ensure the best possible care for our patients, whether they need outpatient surgery or hospitalization.


Ear problems include hearing loss both in adults and children, infections, chronic ear diseases, balance disorders, malignancies. Different aspects of medical and surgical treatments are available once the diagnosis is made. Hearing aid evaluations and hearing aid fittings are performed by Kristy Walding, our Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, through our in-house Hearing Center.


Nose problems include allergies, breathing difficulties, functional deformities, and chronic sinus problems. The medical and surgical treatments available are numerous.


Throat problems include oral, throat and laryngeal diseases both for adults and children. This includes benign and malignant (cancerous) lesions of the described areas as well as the neck. Voice and swallowing disorders are part of this category. Snoring and related issues can be dealt with both medically and surgically.

If you are experiencing a disorder of the ear, nose or throat, please call

ENT South at 334.673.6673 to schedule an appointment.

  • Sinusitis & Tonsillitis
  • Ear Infections, Diseases, & Disorders
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Hearing Problems
  • Voice Problems
  • Throat, Neck, and Vocal Cord Cancer
  • Airway Obstructions
  • Nasal Fractures
  • Salivary Glands
  • Endocrine Disorders, including Thyroid Disease
  • Surgical Treatment of Conductive Hearing Loss


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