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Kristy Walding, BC-HIS

Kristy Walding of ENT South believes hearing loss shouldn’t restrict anyone from enjoying life and communicating with others. As ENT South’s Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist, she feels a special calling to help those struggling with their hearing.

“My younger sister was born deaf,” says Kristy. “Since childhood, I have always had a tremendous amount of compassion and empathy for people coping with hearing loss. I love helping people learn about their options and find the right device for them.”

Kristy works closely with hearing aid patients to help them with Hearing Aid Selections & Fittings, Hearing Evaluations, Tinnitus Evaluations & Solutions, Assistive Listening Devices, In-Office Demonstrations, In-Office Repairs, Adjustments, and Cleanings. She believes in building long-lasting relationships with patients so she can better serve their needs in the years to come.

“The most important choice in selecting a hearing device isn’t about what brand you use,” says Kristy. “It’s about finding the right people who will work very closely with you to select, fit, and make adjustments for as long as you need the device.”

“Our philosophy at ENT South starts from a very simple place: We care, we’re kind, and we work for the Lord.”

Dr. F. Kent Nunnally

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