Chronic Rhinitis

Runny nose that won’t go away?

We all get a cold from time to time. We have a runny nose and are grabbing tissues for a few days. It usually ends pretty shortly and we can get back to feeling great again. Unfortunately for sufferers of chronic rhinitis, this isn’t the case. 

Chronic rhinitis sufferers have a constant runny nose that interrupts their days. Many write it off as just a long cold or allergies. But chronic rhinitis can mean a more serious problem is going on. Why is your nose constantly running? Could there be an infection or inflammation?

Even though it may feel like it, chronic rhinitis does not have to be forever. At ENT South, we are dedicated to helping our patients find out what is causing their chronic rhinitis, and how we can help treat it. You deserve to feel relief, no one should have to suffer through. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about your condition. 

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What is Chronic Rhinitis?

Chronic rhinitis occurs when your nose’s lining becomes inflamed and irritated. If you have a runny nose or inflammation that has gone on for over four weeks, you may be suffering from chronic rhinitis. If you don’t work to treat your rhinitis then you may see the problem linger for months or even years longer. 

How is Chronic Rhinitis affecting me?

You shouldn’t be held back in life from a constant runny nose. Don’t let others think you are sick all the time. With chronic rhinitis doing so much that affects the way you live, it's time to take back control of conditions and your way of life. Don’t let sinus issues control you any longer!

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Chronic headaches and runny nose

What can Chronic Rhinitis cause?

In addition to affecting your quality of life, it can cause a multitude of symptoms other than just having a runny nose. Symptoms such as:

Post Nasal Drip

Why do I have Chronic Rhinitis? 

Rhinitis has two classifications. It may be caused by an allergic reaction, or be non- allergic:

Allergies that can cause chronic rhinitis:

Pets (Dander)

Other causes: (non - allergic)

Chronic Sinusitis
Irritants (Fragrances, cleaning products, etc.)
Prescription Medications

At ENT South we can help determine why you are suffering from chronic rhinitis. Once we are able to do that, we can provide you with the appropriate treatment option for you. 

Get rid of Chronic Rhinitis today!

We can help treat your chronic rhinitis and any other ear, nose, and throat conditions you may have. Our top priority is helping our community feel better. Visit ENT South to find out more today!

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