Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation

Do you suffer from hearing loss?

Having trouble hearing can come from many different health issues. Hearing loss needs to be ruled out or further examination is needed if you or your child has been referred for a diagnostic Audiological evaluation. If you do not pass an initial hearing screening, you may need a diagnostic hearing evaluation.

The evaluation is to determine if hearing loss is present, and if so, how severe and the type of hearing loss. Many times it provides insight to find the cause of hearing loss, as well as help the audiologist or ENT in finding the right treatments.

What are the tests that I should expect?

Audiological testing depends on the patient's age. The testing is designed to find out the degree of hearing loss, the kind of hearing loss, and the conditions of the ear canal and middle ear.

For Audiological testing, you are required to sit in an enclosed room called a booth. Different frequencies will be tested that give the Audiologist information about your hearing. Earbuds or earphones will be used to find the frequencies that you can hear. The last thing is speech testing, it gives information on reliability as well as your auditory processing ability.

Treatment Options

If a medical issue is discovered during your hearing evaluation, our audiologist, Dr. Victoria Mock Taylor, can help you get started on the road to better hearing.

Our Audiologist, Dr. Victoria Mock Taylor

Dr. Taylor joins ENT South Hearing Specialists with an extensive background in diagnosing and treating both pediatric and adult populations with hearing and balance issues.

Dr. Victoria Taylor, ENT South Audiologist

suffering from hearing loss?

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