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Sinus Aching, Swelling, Congestion and Pressure

Sinus symptoms can be miserable without relief. 

Trouble Sleeping
Itchy Eyes
Facial Pain
Achy Headache
Nasal Drip

If you are having one or many of these symptoms you may be experiencing chronic sinus infections. If you think you just have a longer lasting cold or allergies, you may actually be experiencing something more serious.

What is causing my infection?

Chronic sinus infections may be due to swelling going on in your nasal cavities. These nasal cavities are very small to begin with, when they swell they can cause bacteria to build up in your cavities, leading to infections. This infection is causing your painful and ongoing sinus infections. 

Don’t let sinus pain continue.

Many who have chronic sinus infections feel that they have tried it all to relieve their pain. When different medications, nasal sprays, and home remedies have all failed, you may feel helpless and frustrated with the amount of money you have spent. Chronic sinus infection relief just won't last with these methods of treatment. 

Chronic Sinus Sufferer

Are you sick of sinus pain?

Pain that continues with no end in sight is no way to live. Those with chronic sinus infections know this pain too well. Sinus infections will force you to miss out on the important events in life. It could even cause problems with your job or family. Those with chronic sinus infections do not have to deal with pain any longer, there is treatment that may be available to you. 

Effective treatment for our patient’s sinus issues.

At ENT South, we can help you finally treat your chronic sinus infections. Our team will diagnose you and then create your road to recovery. We deliver long term sinus relief to our patients.

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