Hearing Aid Consultation

We offer the latest in Hearing Aid Technology

Today’s hearing aids are discrete and reproduce the most natural sounds. ENT South offers an in-house Hearing Center with the latest technology for improving your ability to hear.

Bringing a family member with you to the hearing device consultation is highly recommended since hearing loss affects all family members. It helps to have a supportive person with you at all times, especially at the consultation. It will help you understand the information and recommendations given to you. 

What to Expect During the Appointment:

The Audiologist will want to know the hearing difficulties you are having, what your goals are for hearing health care, and your expectations for better hearing. The doctor will evaluate your ear canal size, issues in noise, and your home and work environments. In order to match the appropriate hearing device to meet your hearing needs, they will try to get a full story from you. We want you to participate in finding the best option for you.

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