RhinAer™ Chronic Rhinitis Treatment

Remember life before your non-stop runny nose took over?

The nose is a tiny part of your body, but it can impact your entire life in big ways when it’s irritated. A runny nose affects your health, from your breathing to energy to sleep.

There was probably a time in your life when a runny nose was a minor problem. It would come and go, and you would hardly notice the few tissues and light irritation you went through. Times have changed. A few tissues turned into boxes, and that light irritation has developed into an ongoing frustrating and draining experience.

When was the last time you took a breath without it being a sniffle? If chronic rhinitis has shown up at your door and refuses to leave, tell it goodbye without saying hello to surgery with the RhinAer™ procedure from ENT South.

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Chronic Rhinitis Sufferer

The risks of living with chronic rhinitis.

When a runny nose goes from acute to chronic, it’s no longer just your problem. Chronic rhinitis impacts your family by disrupting your sleep and can complicate how others interpret your health. With worldwide health concerns, something as simple as a common cold, runny nose, or slight increase in temperature could lead to you being sent home from work, refused from entering a business, or forced to quarantine for weeks at a time.

What is chronic rhinitis, and do you have it?

Rhinitis is present when the mucous membrane in your nose is inflamed. This can cause your nose to run, itch, become congested, and result in sneezing and post-nasal drip.

Chronic rhinitis is when the inflammation in your nose lasts for more than four consecutive weeks, giving you no break from your symptoms. Chronic rhinitis can give you a runny nose that lasts months or years if not treated.

Symptoms and causes of chronic rhinitis vary. As someone suffering from chronic rhinitis, you may experience one or several of the following symptoms:

Frequent runny nose
Congested Nose
Post-nasal drip
Think you're living with Chronic Rhinitis?
Are you experiencing one or several of the above symptoms?

If you suspect that you may have chronic rhinitis, schedule an appointment with the ear, nose, and throat experts at ENT South, or continue reading about your condition and the RhinAer™ procedure below. To schedule your appointment, call ENT South at

What is the RhinAer™ treatment, and how does it work?

Surgery is not the only option for chronic rhinitis sufferers to find long-term relief. RhinAer™, an FDA-cleared, minimally invasive procedure, was created to prevent excess mucus from forming. The in-office procedure uses radiofrequency technology to alter your posterior nasal nerve, which controls mucus production.

RhinAer™ is a chronic rhinitis treatment method that avoids cutting into the nasal tissue lining when altering the posterior nasal nerve. Mucus is reduced, providing you with relief from chronic rhinitis. Your relief from may include the following benefits:

Fewer runny noses
No more post-nasal drip
Decreased coughing
No surgery
Improved quality of life
Return to normal activities quickly

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The ENT South Promise

ENT South was established with the goal of taking care of our patients. We are dedicated to providing comprehensive, compassionate, and responsible medical care and surgical treatment to you.

ENT South offers full evaluations, testing, and the RhinAer™ treatment right here in our offices in Dothan, Alabama. ENT South promises to provide you with the best possible care, and we will go above and beyond to bring your relief from chronic rhinitis.

Take action and find relief from chronic rhinitis with the RhinAer™ procedure from ENT South. Please call us now at 334-803-8124 to reserve your appointment to discuss how to escape the frustrating and painful chronic rhinitis symptoms you suffer from.

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