Sinus Headaches

Sinus Headaches: Causes, Treatment, and Relief

Individuals with sinus headaches understand the daily struggle. With common symptoms such as congestion, irritation, discomfort, and possible discharge, those with sinus headaches are in a constant battle. But with many Americans suffering from the same issue, relief has never been more possible. It's time to take back your life and treat your sinus headaches once and for all.

How do my sinuses give me headaches?

Your sinus cavities can have a major effect on the pain you may be feeling in your head. When your cavities become blocked with bacteria or infections, many times this will cause a great deal of pressure to occur in that area. This pressure and pain cause the cavities to inflame. Not only could you have a difficult time breathing but this pressure may travel and cause sinus headaches. 

With pain this bad, many individuals with sinus pain find themselves missing out on the many joys of life. Tasks such as exercise and social gatherings may become difficult to complete or attend. 

When even moving becomes difficult to do you know that there is a problem that needs to be solved. Don’t be limited any further by sinus headaches. 

Headaches are common for sinusitis sufferers

What is the source of my sinus inflammation?

There may be several different reasons for sinus pressure due to inflammation occuring. Although the reasons are different, the outcome is usually the same. Whether you have a bacteria or other kind of infection, allergies, or another medical condition, you are experiencing painful sinus headaches. In order to treat you properly, it is important to understand what is causing your problems. 

When dealing with sinus headaches, it is vital to be correctly diagnosed. The wrong method of treatment may not be effective. This is why home remedies or over-the-counter medication are usually unsuccessful and can even cause more problems than good.  These methods may be costing you more than getting your pain diagnosed correctly. 

Finding the right treatment can be a struggle. Many sinus headache sufferers will take a variety of different medications that never seem to provide a permanent solution. Medications such as antibiotics may have you feeling better at first, but your headaches and pain always manage to come back. This endless approach to relief is just prolonging pain and discomfort.

When patients have recurring infections throughout the year, it is most likely the same infection that was just never treated effectively or properly. The infection must be completely removed or you will most likely continue to have recurring sinus headaches, pain, and discomfort. 

In order to achieve long-term results, the sinuses must be opened, cleaned, and restored to normal function.

A sinus treatment that will last. 

When it feels like you have tried everything but continue to deal with sinus issues, it may be time to look at options that can provide you with more permanent relief. More permanent options can finally give your sinus cavities the relief they need.

Many searching for this kind of relief have turned to balloon sinuplasty. This procedure has helped patients around the United States relieve pressure and breathe without difficulty. Balloon sinuplasty is minimally invasive, short recovery time, and there is no hospital stay needed. 

Balloon sinuplasty can offer you long-awaited sinus relief. The simple procedure can reduce your pressure and pain easily. There are just three steps between you and relief:

  1. A small balloon is inserted in the nasal passage
  2. The balloon then gently expands to clear your cavity
  3. Then the balloon is removed and the cavity drained
Balloon sinuplasty has a quick recovery time and patients are back to their normal activities within a couple of days.

Sinus Headaches Gone:

Although sinus problems can linger for what feels like forever, relief is possible with balloon sinuplasty. Make the change and don't suffer any longer from sinus headaches. 

Our team will help you find the proper method of treatment. We are committed to serving our community to feel the best they can. Long-term relief is possible today with our clinic.

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